Business Continuity


  • On-site 3 day intensive classroom training for corporates towards business continuity training.
  • The training is broad based and can serve as preparation for CBCP, BCCP or any other certification.
  • This training tailors more to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) in practice than in theory.
  • The training walks you step by step through the entire BCDR management process.
  • The training includes :
    • Governance and oversight at both: strategic and tactical levels
    • Creation of a CMSC (Crisis Management Steering Committee)
    • BIA (Business Impact Analysis), deriving RTO and RPO and performing RA (Risk Assessment)
    • Plan creation and testing - call tree, table top, dipstick, random sample and full blown/disruptive
  • Add 2 more days of optional training to learn disaster recovery and planning for pandemics in detail.