Attack Tree Analysis


Have an ATA conducted to identify attack paths that could be used by highly planned and sophisticated yet insidious attacks. Attack trees are hierarchical visualizations that show how low level hostile activities interact and combine to achieve the attacker's objectives.

  • The traditional what-if scenario based analysis has several limitations (for example, it becomes unwieldy and unfeasible as the number of scenarios grow and hence does not scale like an ATA).
  • Unlike a what-if analysis, ATA also adds a weight/cost to each part of a path and therefore helps to prune out the paths that are more expensive to execute when compared to the value of the target. This helps to cut the noise from the signal significantly and allows for more focussed planning for the attacks that are likely to be attempted.
  • ATA combines the analysis of both: physical and logical assets. ATA is highly recommended for HVT (High Value Targets) such as sensitive and critical installations.