Cloud Security


  • Articulating the security and privacy sections of the cloud migration business case or proposal and allaying concerns by explaining how the associated risks can be mitigated.
  • Explaining the residual risks, thus helping the business take an informed decision in line with the organization's risk appetite.
  • Helping create an optimum road map, making control recommendations, their implementation and a fall back plan ensuring minimum business disruption and revenue loss. Helping you plan ahead and plan smart.
  • Ensuring that all security and privacy requirements are met during planning & design, implementation, go-live and BAU, thus safeguarding against regulatory and compliance penalties. Sensitizing against common pitfalls helping prevent vendor lock-in amongst other issues.
  • Working closely at all times, more so during migrations, releases and implementations, pre-empting possible disruptions thus ensuring business continuity. Smooth migration guaranteed by being there when you need us.
  • Performing ISO/IEC 19086-1 based cloud SLA review. Performing cloud industry standards (CSA's CCM and CAIQ) based due diligence ensuring cloud migrations are best protected - security, privacy and investor wise. 
  • Helping deploy IAM, key management, directory services and analytics on the cloud. Helping integrate customer and cloud provider GRC processes in hybrid and public deployment models preventing data loss and lockouts.